How Rock Stars Live

The musician’s life is always thought to be a glamorous one. When you are someone who truly is passionate about making music and playing your instrument, getting all the money and attention from women are just some of the perks that comes with being a rock star hero. Not all rock stars enjoy the limelight for many decades, most of them just come and go. We will take a look at some of the rich and famous and check on how they live now that some of them are away from the performing stage.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Apartment in New York. We unlikely see the Bon Jovi front man in the media these days, yet he still remains as one of the most famous rock stars that has ever walked the planet. He reportedly owns a SoHo apartment in New York which hosts six bedrooms and six bathrooms, two kitchens, a fitness gym and three outdoor terraces across his two-floor haven.

Steven Tyler’s Luxurious Hawaii Home. The Aerosmith vocalist turned American Idol judge sure loves spending time in his 3,000 square–foot hideaway in Maui. This place is said to have an infinity pool and a floor to ceiling aquarium. How else could you get closer to nature than this?


Chris Martin’s California Mansion. The lead singer of Coldplay must enjoy having friends come to his house for some barbecue. His house in Brentwood displays a contemporary yet rugged kitchen, equipped with top-class appliances and classy hardwood floors. Fresh air is always enjoyed with the oaks and sycamore trees in the yard. To find a luxurious residence in California you must first find the top brentwood luxury real estate agents that can assist you in all that you will need as you find your perfect SoCal home.

Mick Jagger’s London estate. Known as the one of the founder of the British band Rolling Stone, his 55 years of music career has, in no doubt, earned him the title of being “one of the most influential person in the history of Rock and Roll”. His elegant home in London is set closely like some royal palace.

Rock stars has enticed the world with their loud yet harmonious musical arrangements. While not all of us are fans of rock music, their talents in making great music is always appreciated.