About Us

“Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It acts as medicine.”

– Mackelmore

At Action Music, our mission statement is to utilize music as a means for healing, for loving, for creating community, for the euphoric moments in life, and for the nightmares which can feel never-ending at times – music is there to connect our heart strings and we continue to build a beautiful, organic and honest community.

Tenneiser and Marley met at a music festival in 2008. Both in despair over the future of their careers (both real estate agents), they bonded over the simplicity of great music, a welcoming environment and appreciating their natural scenery. In the months to come, Action Music developed as a merger of Tenneiser and Marley’s professional experience and passion for helping people find a home, and giving back to the community. Action Music is the non profit branch of Tenneiser and Marley’s real estate company. Their passion for building community through music flows genuinely. Since 2009, they have done many events, camps and, most recently, have started a summer music series bringing in live music, food trucks and many fun games for the entire community, all free for anyone who would like to go. Whatever your question – real estate or music, or anything else – please feel free to fill out the form and contact us!

Peace and Light,

The Action Music Team