Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas You Can Try

Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas You Can Try

The content revolution is real. Using a video is a very effective real estate marketing strategy responsible for higher sales conversion rate. Despite this fact, many companies are still not taking advantage of the power of video marketing to entice new customers. In fact, using a video only ranks number seven among the top marketing strategies employed by many businesses.  

Here are some video ideas that can help your business grow: 


Video blogging is a trending hobby and serious real estate marketing campaign employed by many companies. In fact, some companies partner with famous Vlog celebrities to endorse their products. A Vlogger who has established a large number of followers can help advertise your company quickly and effectively. Since you are not going to hire a video production company, doing a Vlog is cheap yet effective. 


Doing interview is a great way to establish credibility. When the leaders of a company or even the ordinary employees are being interviewed, the audience are drawn at knowing more about the company- its culture, mission and vision. When the audience can see themselves in the interviewees, they become more convinced to try the product. It also helps if the interviewee is popular since it can draw a lot of attention from the viewers. 

  1. Webinars

The internet has revolutionized the way people share ideas in real time. One way that exemplifies the internet’s influence in the field of communication is through webinars. Now, people from different places can participate in a talk all at the same time using Skype or other communication apps. Consider doing webinars for your customers. You can discuss different topics about your products. It is also the time that you can address their concerns, apprehensions and suggestions for improvement. Hosting a webinar is a great way to show to your customers that you care about them. You can hire a video production Miami if you want your webinar to be flawless.

  1. Tutorial

If you will browse the videos in YouTube, you will see a lot of real estate tutorial videos- from DIY house fix and painting.  Doing a tutorial video does not only show how to use your product. It also proves that your product works. This is a very effective way to sell your product because viewers want to see actionable insights. 

  1. Testimonial

People tend to believe what other people say about your real estate company. They want to know first from other people that your products/services are the best. For this reason, a real estate video testimonial is very effective in convincing them to try your product. Choose one satisfied customer and ask him to give a testimonial about his positive experience in using your service . Once filmed, you can post the testimonial on your website or in your company’s social media accounts.